Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life Can Be Forever On Merry Go Round

Some time I know life would be a lot easier if I gave less caring for others. I'm still trying to get Ellie line up with home care.
I know cut backs to the program to help the poor is pretty bad...usual it something from health and welfare. So getting proper help for someone can be some what difficult.
But I'm wondering what kind of game and who's playing. She could be an alcoholic and don't want to buy her Co-pay....Let just say for math her income is $1,400 a month..actual it a little bit over.
Medicaid want her to pay $350. She got assign 15 hours weekly. In a month she gets 60 hours a month. My monthly work check from this job will be $660 and her part is the $350....So it comes down she will be paying me about $5.80 an hour. The state making up the rest.
As a short time ago I brought up the alcoholic bit but she has trouble with her electrolytes. I wonder if her brain don't quite function like it should.
Actual 15 hours is quite a bit of time with anyone client. She could mange with 3 or 4 hours every other week but I'm afraid she want to pay a few dollars an hour. In my mind 8 hours a month I want $ $10 an hour dollars...See she says I use to clean homes for $2 and $3 an hour...”back when I had my cafe I charge for a delux burger is $2.50...I believe that was in the 90' they cost $4.50.
But I sat my self a dead line of the 15th of October and the roller coaster is going to be smooth out or I'm unplugging it. 
Well one of our niece Gissele and the odds are fairly high is bad mouthing me though her facebook page.
She has no trouble posting an opposing opinion. Statement time..If someone has an opposing opinion to any of her posting she throws an immature fit.
Her politics are quite ultra conservative and pro military.
I'm sure my reply to her posting about our first lady...pissed her off...I simple pointed out that Laura Bush and all first lady...spend plenty on vacation or clothing....Then I sign in computer style..your “Liberal Aunt”.
Or this picture I post pissed her off....
I bet she using all sort of adjectives such as pinko, communism, socialist pig, liberal bitch, a happy lover, anti American, anti capitalist, and etc.
If she just un-friend me. I wouldn't think to much about it...I'm not thinking to much about it...This will probably be the only time I'll have to post anything about Murphy niece behavior... It isn't first time I open my mouth and pissed off someone.
But she also un-friend her cousin Sawyer and Bart my sons. It gives me more reason to believe she is talking shit about me. I can't see her bad mouthing and talking shit about me and leaving Bart and Sawyer on her facebook friend.
I have to give the girl credit she isn't dumb..narrow minded “yes.”...She could have had the upper hand...What she should of done if she really want to bad mouth me...was to put her posting as a select friends (leave the 3 of us out) call me all the things I post above...even use few swear words...never took any of us off her facebook friend list...So she could have been a total bitch,,,instead she a semi bitch.
Come right down to it Gissele is a bully and most of them are cowards.

Now I thought my mother side worship and had such a love for money. It actual all about love of work. Most of them would be glad to work for a few pennies toss to them and be thankful.
I believe my Aunt Eve doesn't think it's right that Murphy or I aren't so gung hole to make that all might dollar and even be treat like shit.
Bring up union to her...well my dad was member of the teamster union with the railroad and I grew up in middle class family for that time.
If your wondering why I'm posting this I know I have family and non family who are peeper in my blog. They'll be reading this...for what reason they don't comment...It's like someone reading your diary and you know their reading it...loose lip sink ships...nothing secret these days.


  1. Some people are users and will work you for all they can get out of you.

  2. I think it is generally bad behavior to post negative stuff about people on FB. If you would not say it to their face, don't put it as your FB status. (As for bitching in blogs, that is something completely different. ^^ )

  3. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Oh goodness... I have a lovely, very liberal (like me) cousin, and she has an ultra-conserative, ultra-Christian sister. My cousin can "agree to disagree", but her sister gets quite defensive, and really has no argument for things other than "ugh, I won't listen to that liberal person" or "it's against what God says".

    My husband is in the military and, to be quite honest, I wish the military didn't have to exist. I wish mankind could be peaceful enough not to fight over things. But they do fight, and that picture is true - corporations benefit immensely from war.

    It is perfectly fine to disagree. All I ever ask for is someone to logically defend a point. Name-calling pretty much means the person knows they're wrong. ;)


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