Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (Chocolate-Shopping)

When the theme came up “Chocolate” my mouth started to water. Like most people I know enjoy chocolate. The big choice is what to with chocolate.
I decide to make some instant chocolate pudding. Instead of using a mixer or whisk. I put in a container with tight fitting lid and shake it. 

This is one of place I like to walk. Statement time...we don't have any major shopping center or mall around here. In some area there walking groups that will use mall to take a walks in.
But with no shopping center one doesn't spend money.

Next weekend hunt will be quite  and or sign 


  1. We went for the chocolate this time! But from a slightly different perspective! We sure wish our humans would let us taste yummy things like chocolate pudding (it's got MILK in it and we love MILK!). YUM!

  2. A shopping center is practical for shopping, but to live nearby is another story !

  3. I'm hit and miss with chocolate.

  4. Love Chocolate...

  5. I am loving all the chocolate this week~ all calorie free :)
    Happy PhotoHunting.

  6. Hi Dora, I haven't had chocolate pudding in a long time. Now I am craving a taste. :) And what a lovely setting for long walks.

    Wonderful takes for the two themes. Have a great weekend.

  7. I had never thought of making this by putting it in a container and shaking. Too easy and a great idea. Chocolate is my favourite flavour.

    My chocolate theme is at

  8. OOOHHHH!Now you have us drooling here!
    We do not get real chocolate but Mummy eats a lot of that stuff. Almost addicted!

    Thanks for coming by our blog. We love making new friends.

    Have a great Sunday,
    Wags, Gin, Bud n Shadow

  9. That's a huge chocolate pudding to finish by yourself.

    I agree with you that one tends to spend money when going to a mall. I usually feel like I need to buy something before leaving the mall. :P


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