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Monday, March 26, 2012

Rumblin',Tumblin'Roon About, Crawin'Like a Cock,

Woke up to snow on the first day of the spring equinox or ostre I wish there where less unsettled in the weather.
But in afternoon the rains came in.

I did semi detox for the day. If I had my way we would eat more of a raw diet but I'm not going to say anything more hash about this. A lease my hubby just doesn't base has diet on meat and potatoes. Does eat wide variety of fruits and veggies.
So earlier in the day I had cup of miso broth and ended my day with anther cup.

During mid afternoon snack. I did a drink what I call “SPROST DRINK”
Take your odds and ends of your left over fresh vegetables.
2 carrots
½ apple or ½ cucumber
1 apple or 1 cucumbers
juice all above...
Place your juice in a blender then add these ingredients
1 banana
½ orange
small handful of parsley
1 tablespoon of lemon juice...If you have fresh lemon go head and squeeze some in.
½ teaspoon of spirulina

If one has a powerful blender such as blend-tec or a vita mix. May not need to use a juicer.

I made some Lemon Icebox cookies
2 cups of Cashews
¼ cup of agave nectar (I used honey)
2 ½ lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla powder
¼ sea salt

Grind the cashews in a food processor until a powdery meal forms. Add the rest of the ingredients and continue processioning on low until the dough forms a large ball. Measure out 1 ½ tbls size cookies out on roll and flatten into cookies shapes.
Place in freezer until firm

We finish the planting table which as one can see will be in our front window facing west. We mainly with hubby influence decided to start seeds a little later. About a week or so.

I pulled out anther box of some miniature ceramic molds. I'll pour them once but in general these don't impress me very much.
I can see possibility with the flower ones.
When I'm casting I'll add some other molds from my collection. But I want to go and take some what of an inventory what I have.
Anyhow the air compressor went kaput. So it's a thing one needs every so often pulling molds. But not every time. 

We moved a bluebird box to it new location. More directed line of the back of the house. We have two cats Rosie and Ziggy who likes to hunt. I know I can't protect all of the creatures but I can cut some of the odds down.
I know they'll catch some game...hopeful more gophers.

Still hauling a little firewood once in while. This time of year we just like a small fire in the wood stove to keep the chill off the house.

Both Murphy (in picture with Bart in green hoodie) and I get excited when one of the boys comes up for a visit. Bart bought a 1996 or 97 Toyota pickup. 4 wheel drive with a 5 speed in it.
He wanted to do all the legals over in Idaho. Lot cheaper anyhow he and his brother Sawyer is living in the Spokane Valley area over in Washington.
We never bought our nestlings rigs.
So both of them worked though high school pretty much the entire time. I can't recall all the rigs they bought and sold.
Well we where nice enough and let them put there rigs under our insurance policy but they always gave us the money for it. Anyhow they had no choice in matter. If they want to use there rigs it better be insured and I had no trouble with the ideal of taking there own rig from them. Never had to.

This is Carson. Bart just adopted him. He is a cross between a German Shepard and Greyhound. His head sure has a Greyhound look.


  1. I don't do diets, I just don't eat much, but being as life is uncertain I eat dessert first thing every morning.

    If the right cop keeps seeing the same Idaho rig in Washington all the time he'll be called on that. Rightfully so I suppose.

  2. don't listen to the guy above me, his teeth fell out from malnutrition.

  3. Billy P says something amusing at times. We'll be melting down his pretty silver in the future to make more bullets.

  4. Nice to meet you - thanks for coming to visit us at Poppy Q. We live in Wellington NZ, and it is early autumn here, which means after weeks of cloudy/cool weather we are being teased with a week of perfect sunshine and warmth.

    I'm trying to eat more fruit and veg too, and are having beef mince/veg + carrot+ lettuce wraps for dinner. I bought a juicer last week and had lovely juices at the weekend, and by Monday I had come out in hives.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. It doesn't matter how you folks view it, if he mostly lives and works in Wa, they can nail him for not having a Wa. plate. And tickets here are not cheap anymore. But he may get lucky and get away with it, unless the same cop sees him all the time.

  6. Actually, he lives and works in Wa. and goes and visits the folks in Id. Pretty hard to get around that fact.


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