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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Onything But Sleep, You Rogue, Glow'ring Like The Moon

Not sure what this all means. But I'm one who thinks dreams can have a message in it. Not saying I always get the message or the meaning of a dream.
But there time I'm sure not ready for it.
A short time ago I had this dream

There was this short lightly gravel road didn't truly notice what else was around me. There was slight rolling hill the grass was a yellow brown color possible late summer early fall.
I was with my husband Editor Note...which is rare most of my dream I rarely know the people in my dreams most of the time there strangers.
We where in small farm house.
In the living room they had some old Canadian paper money. I start to look at it. And said...”I have some old coins from Canada and some of my past family came from Nova Scottia”
Then they told me “They use to use cherry juice to make counterfeit money in Canada.”

Editor Note...I don't how I got to this part of my dream

Walking down the short gravel road and this guy got into a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Train Engine and actual he looked like the singer Freddy Fender 
but he had a snobby attitude. Soon as he step in train engine I woke up.

What the hell it would be easier to post a picture and explain what I'm up to. No I haven't join the Mormon church. Mormon who been sealed to their temple has to wear there holly under garments next to there skin.
For a while I'm trying this to see if it help heal the fungus crap under my boobs.
Though out the day I sweet and my bra rubs and it becomes irradiate.
If I go without a bra my back becomes sore. Confession time...Oh how I wish my boobs where smaller.
I don't see my self posting a picture with or without bra on my blog or any other sight. This didn't bother me.
I let the weather control if I walk or not.
I use the weather as an excuse not to walk.
So if the weather isn't just so...I'm like Goldilocks in the three bear, finding something wrong with weather not to get out and move.
When the weather is nice I do get out and walk.

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  1. Ah, Freddy Fender did some good stuff.

    The bra pic would be just right for St. Pats day when those crazy Irish get drunk and do stuff like that. But yeah, I can see where big boobs would be a pain in the butt.

    Maybe some Bag Balm would help, or a sports bra.


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