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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (animals-bliss)

I could image my life with some type of pet (animals) . To me there part of family. So I'll take a few moment of your time to introduce them.
Daisy.. like to watch Murphy and I. Editor Note..I couldn't quite get the red eye out. Daisy isn't blind as her left eye might lead you to believe.

Ziggy...Is a real snob.

and Rosie...the one who like to eat and will even eat with Daisy

One morning Murphy said that sure was some sunrise and I thought it would fit today theme of bliss.

So next weekend photo hunt will be dark and fluffy

Editor Note...All ok I won't say all. But most of the day I been swearing on how things are going with this computer


  1. I'd love to have a healer but not as long as I live on this little property in town.

  2. All very cute. :D Oh, I see another cat preferring the tap. My cats are terrified to be on the sink. hahaha. They like their water bowl. :D Here's my Saturday snapshot.

  3. I agree with you ! In my toilet I have a little picture, with the quote "a home without cats is not a home" but that doesn't exclude dogs of course !
    Your pet family is so cute !

  4. Your animals are wonderful. I too can't imagine life without mine. I hope your computer starts acting right soon!


  5. The sunset is blissful indeed... along wit the joy you get from your pets :-)

  6. Ah, bliss. Being allowed to drink from the kitchen faucet. My cat's bliss was watching hummingbirds from bed.

  7. you have some lovely pets there. Don't know what I'd do if Molly wasn't around,

    Gill in Canada

  8. I'm going on a road trip in the morning, the rest of you monkeys are in charge while I'm gone.


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