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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are the Weans In Their Bed, For It's Now Ten o' Clock

Sunday the 18th Murphy and I went out an about. First we stop over at Murphette to deliver her Christmas present. Her daughter Annie was there and was intrigue with the size of the package.
Well due to the size, measurement of the gift I'm giving to Murphette. I combine mine with hers. She asked me to wrap her gifts she bought for her self. So in the long run of things it was easier to combine mine and her gift together.

I told her Annie that I play fair and don't play favor over one person over anther. I don't think she knows her gift is already delivered to there home. I sign the card “Santa Reindeer”
Pete (Harold) my father and my grandmother Olive on my mom side played favor with people. Opinion time...I find it totally disgusting.
So I try to be fair. Not saying it always comes out that way.
Murphette let me barrow some of her refill ink. I'm out of ink and waiting for some to arrive. Then we left.

Headed toward the old sawmill and ambush rock area looked around. Nothing in particular. Just looking around for the odd find.
Then we went a little farther out and took a short walk out on the game reserve. Good lord the starlings and the Canadian geese where sure noisy.
It actual not a place for one who want to get into some deep thinking mode.
Didn't see much.

Then after we stop in at Faith Murphy sister. She was wondering if the boys where coming up for the holiday. I was pretty sure Bart was. But at that time I wasn't sure what sort of plans that Sawyer and his girl friend had.
Well I got hold of Sawyer and he wasn't sure what their plan are.
I knew Bart was heading over to Portland Oregon to see his girl friend. As I was talking to Sawyer I found out Bart transmission went out in his car.
So at this time I'm not sure if either one of my sons will be up for Christmas. There not little kids. So if there present a little late, oh well. Both of them are pretty sensible.

After stopping at Harvest food to get a few items. Came home and I tried that ink to refill my cartage. Well no luck on that. Hope the ink comes in before like yesterday.

Can't say I was looking forward in applying for energy assistance. Not because we're asking for help. Most year we don't qualify. I know it been a good 10 years or longer since we applied.
It the manger of the energy place. Her husband and my husband had altercation at work. There still bitterness between them.
One may ask “what does this have to do with you getting energy assistance”
Some time she treats me ok then other time she treats me not ok. I wouldn't use the word “shitty”. As I see it she really don't know how to treat me. She between a rock and hard spot.
Well it went ok.
I thought it was longer then 10 years ago. Last time we got energy assistance was back in 2005 and both sons here in high school.
Well our energy assistance was $373 which will be credit to our electrical company. I figure that should last us 4 to 6 months.
Our Northern lights which is our electrical company. The electrical bill usual runs us something in forty dollar range into the seventy dollar range.

I just starting to think a little bit about 2012 now. But not putting much brain cells in it.


  1. I've never gotten energy assistance and I'd do without it before asking for it, but that's just me I guess. For years I'd paid an extra dollar a month on my light bill to help those that need it, it's not like it's costing the light company any out of their own pocket to help others.

    Hum, I'd pay my light bill before I bought presents for others, if they can't understand that to hell with them.

    Printer ink? Hell, I have four big bottles of it that I'll never use cuz I have a laserjet printer, give me an address and I'll send it to you.

  2. Correction....

    For years I'd paid an extra dollar a month on my light bill to help those that need it,

    For years I'VE paid an extra dollar a month on my light bill to help those that need it,

    I'd stop paying my internut bill before I stopped paying my light bill, plenty of places I can get free internut anymore.


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