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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Up stairs an' doon stairs in his nicht-gown,

I was thinking or couldn't recall what I want or needed to blog about.
Oh there more then one issue.   
Murphy and I are planning to attend occupy in Sandpoint Idaho this Sat the 19th . There not occupy group in my neck of the woods.
I'm sure Murphy sign will say something like “Exploit American Worker” I just haven't thought of any sign that relates to being a home care worker.
But there 3 main grumbles I have.
A nurse comes and figures how much each client shall receive and usual there pretty right on...but....

When a client has to go to a doctor or medical appointment. And the doctor running late or send you some place for test. Then you go over your assign hours. Out of no fault of yours. Your working for free. Statement time...This isn't right. What is one to do. Just leave or kick your client to curb.

There been time when a client could use a little bit more time for special occasion. It wouldn't hurt for a client with good reason could apply once year and extra 8 hours a year.
See once your time is use up and if there really a need “To bad”
There so dead locked on hours you get. Statement time...I complete understand why all of these people are given a certain amount time.

This is one of the biggest grip I have about the home care. It sat up to make these people enabling. Once you get a home-care and suddenly they can't do a thing for there self.
Or they now have little power and they become demanding.
Plus they can continue there bad habits. Eating un-healthy, like drinking pop and eating candy bars. Keeping bad habits or not trying to improve your self, like smoking couple packs of cigarettes a day. Also having chance to get some type of treatment and refusing it because you won't have your servant.
Statement time...Those who are capable improving or staying the same. Should be given mini goals to better there self. If they meet there mini goal they only loose 15 minutes. If they refuse to make any improvements or don't meet them.
As far as I'm concern they don't need a home-care person.
One of my fellow worker told me about this person. At home she wipes her own ass with no trouble and when there in public she wants or needs someone else to wipe her ass.
Simple because it some type of power trip.
At my T.O.P.S meeting I'm doing a fun little thing hope to help us though out the holidays. We're set goals, small ones that hope to keep us on track and develop better habits.
My two goals are walk 40 minute a day. The other one is to drink 24 ounce of water. Plus we're rating our self on how well we are doing daily.
We did this goal thing and it seem to help. I had a goal not eat after dinner and now I can say “98% of the time I now don't eat after dinner”
Confession time...The only reason I ate after dinner because of boredom, not of hunger. 

Monday evening our oldest son Sawyer stop in and had bite with us. I thought he was going to tell us he was going to get married.
He does have a girl friend. But he isn't. No grand-kids either.
But I has glad he stop in.
Confession time..I felt like I was visiting with stranger almost. I know they have there own life to live.

I believe it was last summer or the summer before my sister in law Susan and her hubby Jon bought some property out in the Naples area.
Opinion time...I don't think they really didn't want to move up here.
They use the opportunity to get rid of it and tell the reason they got rid of it.

“There son Sam went out on four wheeler and tore it up”

Ok, “I believe it possible he went and rode a four wheeler and even possible did some damage”

“ I was wondering how much really was done”

Opinion time...I think this is opportunity for them to get rid of it and not to say “ we really don't want to move up here”
And Sam became there escape goat.
so twisting the truth a little and that way no one get hurt.

One more thing I saw on face book my brother in law Earl and his wife Rita is heading toward a divorce.
But who knows what will happen until the papers are sign.


  1. Murphy and I are planning to attend occupy in Sandpoint Idaho this Sat the 19th

    I'm going advise you to stay out of it, there's plenty of problems but it's up to the youth to fix things if they can and you never know how a protest will turn(Sandpoint is pretty peaceful but you just never know).

    If you insist on going at least pack a pistol in your pocket. Better yet, go enjoy a nice picnic somewhere, maybe go get some more firewood.

    I used to go to war protests all the time, finely figured out that it's a waste of time.

  2. The problem with going to protests, movements, etc, is that there's always idiots that want to argue with you and sometimes there's fights, damn near been in a few myself.

    I'm getting to old to fight idiots. I'll just pull out a gun and tell them to back the fuck off.


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