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Friday, November 04, 2011

The Dish Ran Away With the Spoon

I just finish up for Ida client out in Curly Creek area. Glad to have the extra income but sure glad the job is over.
Confession time...I might like home care if it was set up differently. In so many ways it set to make the client enabling.
So now it back to Faith and Murphette.

Just a while ago we just figure out what Murphy retirement would be if he took it at 62, $722.00 ruffly. But as for the job market in my area isn't the greatest. Mostly tree nursery which he done for 20 years.

He even looked into doing home-care. Statement time...I wouldn't suggested that job for anyone.
I ran into a neighbor of ours in Safeway. She was telling me about a friend of her taking care of this man who is total ass hole. Editor note...Ass hole comes in both sexes. She was wondering what the agency paid it depends on what agency one gets but she got hold of one pays $7.25 and hour.

My friend Alice who Ida mom went to Sandpoint. Her and I want but mainly her want to check out this place called .foxs fun factory crafters mall 
Well for one thing I don't have enough inventory. A monthly booth fee is $30 and 10% of your sale which really isn't that bad compare to other consignment shops. But if your not wanting to a pay a rental fee you can do it on consignment percentage of 30%. I seen any where from 25% to 75% and it also may or may not have a rental fee with it.
Other then not having enough inventory and having a very home feeling. But there a few things didn't set right with me. The building isn't well marked from the highway and there yet not enough exposure.
But if I had bundle of inventory and was doing ok in my ceramic. I might rent a booth. I surly wouldn't sink the very last bit of inventory in there.

I only had to get a few things. I got a doggie door over at home depot but I believe where taking it back. Simple because of the price just under a $100.
Next stop was Wal-Mart. First thing I headed over to the craft department and see what they had in detail brushes the smallest detail brush they had was 2/0 and I have them. Fact time..I where shoes until there complete blown out. Then went over to shoe department and got pair of shoes for under $15.00 tax and all. Plus the first pair I tried on fit.
Then head over to pet area to see if they had doggie door but no cigars.
I went over then got some paper towels and was done shopping. After we where all done shopping we went over to McDonalds.

Next weekend Alice will be doing a craft show in Post Falls and she will be taking my Christmas Ornaments. I don't know what she has for room but I have a few extra pieces done up.

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