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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photo Hunt (Yellow)

A color for this week hunt. There were quite a few items that is yellow and I didn't want to use any of them. But this is what I decide to use
We have a yellow rope we use mostly for getting firewood. I know it was a little longer at one time.
I believe Sawyer our oldest got his dad this rope, but I'm not quite sure.
It showing ware and tare because it's been used. Actual I thought of getting Murphy anther rope like that for a present. Statement time...I haven't figure out how to wrap it.
There one more yellow item. A yellow shovel handle. I can recall people buying the handle to fix things such as shovels. But now there the same price to purchase a complete shovel.
We actual like the fiberglass handle then the wooden ones.

Every Saturday TN Chicks 
host “Photo Hunt”. Every week there a new theme and next Saturday theme will be “covered “

Murphette got an extra hour of care. Which makes my hour for the week with her 8 ½. But they got her under a different program so my pay scale will be different. When I'm doing home type of things I get $10.41 and hour. Then when it comes to personal care I get $12.47 an hour.
Opinion time...it sounds like a book-keeper nightmare. I would put everyone at $11.00 an hour. But I should'nt complain to loudly. Because lot of the home care agency that only pays minimum wage of $7.10 an hour.
Medicaid and or Medicare pays these home care agency here in Idaho about $14.00 an hour.

Last Tuesday I went to our company bi annual meeting in Sandpoint. We didn't get our so called bonus checks because the Idaho government but in a new software system that hasn't yet got all the kinks out.
See we get paid once a week. Now there thinking of paying us every other week or bi monthly. You should of seen the people wine about that.
Actual I wouldn't mine being paid twice monthly.
I told my hubby about that. He said “It would probably have more people running to the pawn shop or the pay day loan place if they didn't get paid weekly”
I've been close have to use a pawn shop or a pay day loan place, but no potatoes.
I sometime shake my head when I see people handle there money. Opinion time...I actual believe people doesn't know the different between a need and want.
Both hubby and I know the different between and want and need.

Yesterday was our oldest son birthday he 23 now. I haven't yet called him to wish him a happy birthday . I'm planning to call him Sunday instead as I'll be firing my small kiln which I finely got loaded.
Right now with this economy. I know it would be hard to make a living doing ceramics but a few extra dollars never hurts.


  1. Yup, lots of folks are very unwise with their money but I've always got plenty of it.

    Hey, when you buy hubby a new rope spring for a getter grade, it saves money in the long run. And don't leave that yellow rope out in the sun, it degrades that kind of rope.

    I use a fair amount of bungee cord rope but I buy a good grade that lasts a long time through a friend of mine.

  2. I like the tinges of yellow in the rope

  3. I like the yellow tinges too. Nice take on the theme.

    Your pay scale sounds quite complicated!

  4. I can see that it started off with the yellow stripe even before it yellowed with age.

    Lately my family and I have been using pretty bags as wrapping paper. It's reusable, and will hold anything, even rope.

  5. I like the composition of your photo and the subtle color.


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