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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photo Hunt (wooden)

Actual this hunt sort of scared me. This may sound weird living in Northern Idaho where there plenty of timber and wood. I want to find something a little more then a tree or wood pile for this week theme of wooden.
Some time ago I did a ceramic train that has a wooden look to it. At one time the ceramics paint companies made a glaze that fired out to look like a wood tone. I'm not sure if they do make such a glaze any more or not.
One time I did a nativity set out of a wood tone glaze.
To be part or to enjoy the photo hunt please visit our hostess
Next week theme is “yellow”


  1. I like that train and it does look wooden.

  2. so cute!!!

    Thanks for visiting my Wooden Entry.

  3. I thought it was probably a ceramic piece, but until I actually read this, I wasn't convinced. That paint really does look like wood.

  4. The way things are going in ten years we'll be burning cute wood things to stay warm.


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