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Monday, August 15, 2011

There Was a Time When We Wrote Letters

I'm one who remember having pen pals. Someone one you never met before and correspond by what now is called snail mail. The other day I was visiting some of my blogs and stop in at “Home Spun Pagan Mom” blog. Her posting is called witch and wiccan pp
If one is uncomfortable with Witch or Wiccan. One could search google or facebook for a pen pal under any category here is a few examples. Buddhist pen pals, Christian pen pals, Muslim Pen pals, New york pen pal or any state, cooking pen pals, bird watching pen pals, gardening pen pals, and the list could go on and on.
If one is so incline for pen-pal I'm leaving two links and I'll call them number one and number two

So over the weekend Bart came up and help Quenella put up a tarp on the North-side of her A Frame. I was going to bring my camera but it sat comfortable on the living room coffee table.
It hard to explain what Quenella place look like.
Murphy also was there and two other gentlemen.
Bart was the one who went to the peak of the roof and pulled up the tin and latched down the tarp. When he was in high school he earn money roofing.

Also I want a picture of Quenella “cowboy coffee” for next Saturday photo hunt.

I been pouring more greenware. I been pouring mostly ornaments and miniatures. But up coming it looks like I will be casting some of my tooth pick holders.
After looking at them I need to re-figure how I'll be pricing an inside glaze job. I was going just base it on one dollar didn't matter the size of the item.
I've also sat up a facebook page for my business NIce and Nifty Stuff
but at this time it doesn't look like much.
Statement time...I'm trying to increase my greenware inventory.

Editor Note...for some reason the link to home spun pagen mom isn't working. http://homespunpaganmom.blogspot.com/2011/08/witch-and-wiccan-pen-pals.html


  1. Back in the 80's I replied to an ad in Mother Earth News. Snail mail of course. Never mind, long story and to keep a long story short they came to visit me from the east coast and when I was long haul trucking I stayed at their place a few nights.

  2. Good Morning!! Thanks for posting about the Pen Pals. :) I'd love to exchange letters with you also, email me at tmesenbourg@gmail.com so we can exchange addresses. The link to my blog is http://www.homespunpaganmom.blogspot.com for anyone interested in joining us pen palers. :)

  3. I have several friends I have frequent email correspondence with - just old fashioned penpals with an overlay of technology.

  4. Cowboy coffee would have made a great photohunt.


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