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Monday, August 08, 2011

That Way the Cookie Crumbles

We're sure not bring in the dough neither one of us are. I'm bring in a little over a one hundred dollars a week. Hubby haven't done much in line of tree nursery work. The figures I have read about boundary county unemployment is 15%. On the local bulletin boards they sure seem to be a lot of homes for rent, $400 to $600 a month.
So we been trying to get in some firewood. I know we have enough for us to get though a winter. But what we get now is gravy.

I been casting some ceramics mostly my smaller pieces. This what I want or hope to do. My friend Alice does our three holiday local shows and I'm hoping she can take some of my finish ceramic pieces.
The reason I don't get a booth is. I know I would need about $600 worth of inventory. In reality this is impossible.
Most of what I'm doing is Christmas ornaments.
I know there not much cash floating around but at this point the ornaments would sell for $2.60 each. But who knows how the economy will dictate the prices.
So this way if she willing to take my pieces we could make a little extra cash possibly.

Saturday an old friend of Murphy passed away. There where pose to be a memorial service for Milt at Memorial field.
We couldn't find where the service was being held.
But Murphy said he was the king of the hippies.
As we where over at Memorial field in Sandpoint I notice they have a arboretum and took a brief tour. If I have known all the interesting or cool things what was around memorial park I could of taken some cool pictures.

It seem like everyone was saying this should be a bumper crop of huckleberries. I've been wrong but I could see the weather wasn't right for huckleberries.
What the ideal weather pattern is a wet spring and hot summer. Starting some time after the fifteenth of June the sun can just shine.
We didn't get any heat to end of July and first part of August.

Anything that needs to make height in garden sure hasn't like my hollyhock flowers actual I'm still taller then they are.
Artichokes are just spreading out. Usual around here there about waist high not this year. There above the ankle and below the knee.
But there is some fruit coming on.

I'm still walking down in field. I'm up to the set of Alpine firs. Daisy and I went out for walk Sunday Morning. We scared up a doe and her fawn.
Well it scared Daisy so she started to run toward home.
I know the doe wasn't please with us, she made a snorting noise of being pissed off.


  1. Maybe the doe was laughing about scaring the dog.

  2. I do okay on my small retirement income and can always find some work because I'm a good handyman.

    But it is hard for others to keep on going. It seems that there's two ways to make money these days, sell at low prices to the poor, or sell to the wealthy.

    There's still plenty of wealthy people in this country and they seem to like to make themselves happy with expensive foolish purchases.

    They spend lots of money in this area on their vacations in this area.

    I know a lady that makes jewelry (for just a few bucks) and sells it to these wealthy tourists at high prices.

    Soooo, the wealthy make good targets.

  3. Set up a roadside stand and sell them to tourists for ten bucks each, or more. You may not sell a lot more but at least you'll make a better profit.

  4. Wealthy people like one of a kind things, or what they think are one of a kind things, so don't display but one kind of an item at a time.

  5. After they drive off put out another one like you just sold, hehehe.

    You have to be crafty, that's how many wealthy people got all their money.

  6. The problem here in Belgium is, when you are retired and get your pension you are not allowed to work anymore ! otherwise they cut your pension ! It's crazy.

  7. Gattina, no one there works 'under the table?'

    The lady with the roadside jewelry stand sure doesn't report her earnings to any government.


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