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Monday, July 04, 2011

Weather Report 2011

The warmest day in June was on the 5th at 86.9 (30.5)
The coldest day in June was on the 25th at 30.2 (-1.0)
For the average high for June 70.8 (21.5)
For the average low for June 33.0 (0.5)
Rain 1.25 (3.1)
The warmest days in June between years of 2010 and 2011 was almost the same 2010 it got up to 87.3 (30.7) for 2011 it got up to 86.9 (30.3) actual it less the degree different.
Last hot June we had was in 2008. It even got up to 100(37.7) on the 29th.

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  1. One thing I hate about this area is that it never gets warm enough long enough for me to start bitching about the heat so all I can do is bitch about is the cool and the rain.

    We been visit variety of different religious services.

    And everyone of them is trying to brainwash you, just be spirit instead.


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