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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

After Tuesday It Is Wednesday

It Tuesday and I’m some what in flip mood which one hand I can see some progress in my heath mainly my energy level.
Then on the other side of the coin my upper back is hurting.
Yesterday it was a lot worst.
So I had to take a half of aspirin.
Mainly because the pain would effect different joints at random.
My upper back is still painful but it manageable pain
I’m wondering if there a change I’m detoxify. I been doing a parasite cleanse in the afternoon. Daily expect on Sunday.
Been trying to get more water in my system.
Start to do walks again.
If weather is yucky I ride the health rider or get on the treadmill.
At my weigh in at TOPS meeting I maintain my weight

I try to three simple home chores. Which I feel guilty at times I don’t do more.
I guess I have trouble give and receiving praise.
Well I got a dish strainer full of dishes. Did mainly up the pots and pans. Folded up the whites, hung up load of wash, and washed Murphy work jeans and also got them on the line

I like getting free things. I don’t have much in large or expensive free item. But here some free sites.
Mommy saves big I usual look though the free samples & free stuff Then their also free catalog & magazine.
fully free samples Then also anther site is good for free items is seriously free stuff
I also do free cycle .
Then there one more way I do to gain free items. I do a thing reward points. The site I use is My points it reminds me of green stamps or Betty Crocker tops when I was younger.
I save up my points which isn’t very much because I don’t purchase much though this. But I have earned enough points and K Mart was going out of business so I got 4 set of towels.
I run my debit card as a credit card and rack up reward points that way for more free merchandize.
Couples rules to follow.
1. If they need info like social security number, or bank accounts. If it truly free they don’t need this info.
2. On my points I don’t buy things that I don’t need or feel it a good bargain. Why get something you aren’t going to use and store it in closet.

3. I don’t give my personal e-mail out. I have separate account for things like this. You can be over whelming with junk mail.
4. When ask to leave comment. I sometime ask for a few extra free items. I always give a reason why. Now I’m telling them it for my Christmas box and which will be used as present or stocking stuffers

Every month on 25th I do what I call “In The Know” I have a great deal to seek knowledge, some may say I’m a curious George or some may even say I’m a busy body.

This month question is “What is your eating and drinking style?”

I hope you have time to have it posted Thursday on your blog


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