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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Freezing or Canning For Winter Months

The other day I was asked about preserving and saving food. Well I like to share some things I picked up on storing food.
Other then canning or freezing.
A root cellar would be ideal. When I was growing up we had a root celler off our basement. If I recall it were two or three feet below the basement. It wasn’t huge room either.
On the side there was building boxes full of sand which my parents buried things like onions, carrots, parsnips, apples and etc things.
Also one can wrap their apples in newspaper the black and white prints. But them in cool area.
One way of doing squash is finding a cool dark place and sitting the squash on make sure they’re not touching.
The main reason food will go bad is a gas they give off. The main key is keeping them separated

Sometime in the past I bought a phlox plant from walmart a purple one. So anything purple or yellow usual go in my royal sunshine flowerbed.
I’ve had trouble with this plant and it never yet bloomed.
Every year for some reason it seem to attract spit bug because there spitty stuff on the leaves.
So I took a paper towel and clean off the spit. I heard that basic H was good for the plants. So I sprayed it this morning.
I don’t know if I have leaf curl or not but my leaf on the phlox sure not in tip top shape.
I don’t even know if phlox get leaf curl or not.


  1. Thanks for telling me this. If we get the farm in Aug. It has a root cellar but it is off the back of the basement and opens to the basement. I never seen any thing like it. So I don't know if it will be any better than a basement. But thanks again.

  2. When I was younger living with my grandma we too had root cellar. I like your blog. I need to work on mine. I also want to find the time to work on the "tag" you sent me.

  3. Thanks for the reminder!
    We had a box on the back porch that my dad built under a lightweight wardrobe - for keeping the potatoes! Nice & cool.
    The book Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden tells how the Hidatsa & Mandan Indians (non-nomadic, lived close to the Souix tribes) had storage cellars for their beans, corn & squash, all dried. They'd cut the squash in rounds, scoop out the seeds & string on twined grass! It's such a great little book. (Seed Savers & Bountiful Gardens carry it)


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