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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Don't Know About the Rest Of World But Plenty Good On Blogs.

Linda over at Saoise Daily 2 is now offering a > contest and here is what the scoop is
“I am holding a CONTEST! To enter send me a picture (jpeg preferred) of the cutest house in your neighborhood or surrounding area. The winning picture will win something fabulous. Enter by next Saturday May 29th. I cannot wait to see some super looking houses. For more info click here

Yesterday I post a meme called 8 question and growing and Linda asked What was the last movie you saw and rate it. Gee I don’t watch much movies it seem I never have the time.
I fell asleep during the news last night

The computer wasn’t running or something was hay wired I keeped getting kicked off line and I noticed blogged called “Teaching Good Things” has has links to some freebies

After helping Faith on her errands I had to run some for my self I don’t like leaving dairy and meat in the vehicle during the heat.
I want to get some coconut oil and there little shop up north of the three mile that carries it.
She sells it for reasonable price still quite a bit higher then the regular cooking oils.
I went to the place next door, which is luncheon shop.
I had a cup of soup for $1.50 it was cream of bake potato with bacon and it was good.
Our neighbor lady joins me at the table. She announces her political ideal are on the conservative side. I just kept my mouth shut and talked about food.
I don’t believe she want to hear my liberal or I have to say I’m middle of the road but leans to the left.
But she never went into details on her political views.

I stop in Safeway and grab a few items that was on sale and this is last day of our sales

I been having a craving for swiss steak and had part of the ingratiates but not all. I was going to get a round steak at $2.57 a pound but I notice that london broils was at $2.47 a pound.
I’ll be having rice with it. I won’t be cooking a veggie because I have onion, green peppers, bok-choy, cabbage, and garlic in it. Plus a tomato sauce covering

Well faith gave me some fresh spinach and lettuce from her garden. Plus some smaller light purple iris and yellow one.
Which will be divided up between my hodgepodge and my royal sunshine flowerbed.
Plus she gave me a Japanese maple not sure were I want to put it


  1. I so love Japanese maples. I have a butterfly and acres. They were hurt in the ice storm. I also have weeping bush. It was so nice to be given one as they are very expensive here. Lunch sound wonderful. You are right it is best not to discuss politics with some people.
    I wrote the president today on food issues. As I found he has a new web site in concern for food safety. It would be nice to get our food back to health non chemically engineered. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the contest. I have my first entry that I believe came from your blog.

    Have a terrific Wednesday.


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