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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Member of the Stupid Club.

Once I got home I decided to watch Dr Phil and vegetate on the couch. Well the topic was on things one may but on line.
I never had been afraid to openly post anything on the net. As I use fake name to protected my family and friends.
Although some may figure out who is who.
But we don’t have control of the outside world and what other may post or not.
I just googled in my own name and there only 82,900 hits
I didn’t looked much but I know their people out there who would mind posting on flattering and non flattering things about me.
What can one do?
And even some of it could be the truth or half-truth. You know the lop side tells of life.
I believe most people been in wal mart and they got camera all over there store. Taking picture.
Who says something from one of there security camera couldn’t post something on the internet so I googled in “wal mart security camera” I bet you a dollar to a dozen doughnuts not every picture that the security camera gets is always flattering”

Bloggers comes in all life forms. I decided on my sidebar I wouldn’t be posting religious symbols or political symbols on my sidebar.
I seen to many people stand be hind there religion so they can give there self permission to do nasty and hurtful things to others.
Good ideals come from all side of the fence. It doesn’t matter what political party one come from.
Heck I only vote one time for main candidate for president.
As many of my reader wonder which faith I may fellow. Well I’ll tell you I don’t have a faith sit in stone. Then one may ask if I’m non-believer. The simple truth is “no”

Some may think less of me because I like to visit a wide range of blogger and if you have a certain symbols on your side bar. I will think no less of you and you are a very important person


  1. Aw that was a sweet post. I do not judge people either.

  2. It's crazy,but true - it doesn't seem to matter what you do but that bits of information slip out - the world knows as much about us as the small village used to know about all the villagers.

    Oh well - Is the coffee on?

  3. Hi Peppy,
    I have found people in the blogging world to be less judgemental that some "churchy" people I know in my own family. The thing is, in blogland we give a voice to our thoughts. In town however I keep my thoughts to myself because if I say what I beleive then some other people who think "their way" is the "only way" will try to stuff that down my throat!LOL
    Have a great day!

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this - as Gemma said, I've 'met' so many neat people blogging, & see so many more supportive than judgemental comments!
    I learned as a kid that it's more important how folks live than what they 'believe' - walk our talk, as much as possible!

    Stop by for some tea :)

  5. I agree....so far, blogging hasn't brought me any negatives....I'm thoroughly enjoying interacting with other bloggers and, like you, I don't think it's right to judge others either. Great post ~ :)


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