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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It Good But I Don't Need To Rock the Boat

Tuesday I had my weighing in at T.O.P.S meeting and I lost a pound and three-fourth. Plus I lost the most in month of March so every one bring in a fruit or veggie so the person who loose the most weight in a month gets the basket.

I been outside all of what I can.

Now my crocuses are beginning to bloom. I don’t have many.

Faith gave me this plant she told me what it was but I don’t recall. It went in my royal sunshine flowerbed.
Then I put part of it in my hodgepodge flowerbed.
Plus she gave me some leek plants.

Started the barbeque up and had ribs. I made a potato salad earlier in the day.
Oh dinner was fantastic.

Bart took a picture top of black Mountain East of our place.
This mountain is out of my back yard. If you click on picture it can be enlarge and one can see the towers.
Which is our Television translator.
We have gotten our wood off of their and our Christmas tree


  1. I'm hoping to have flowers someday... I'd just have to figure out how to keep my dogs from killing 'em. :)

  2. You have a beautiful view from your home....and dinner sounds good too...
    I am afraid we are still a bit away from flowers..


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