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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sign of Winter Came Back For a Visit.

Starting to wonder if there is going to be a garden seasoning. Murphy and I started some of our seeds.
Seeded we started so far is…
1. Golden Blanching (celery)
2. Zinnia (flower)
3. Jalapeno (peppers-early)
4. Jim Nardello (sweet pepper)
5. Stupice (tomato cool climate)
6. Chadwick (cherry tomato)
The guy Murphy works with anther Murphy gave us some potting soil and we started him some seeds….
1. Bounty Best (Tomato)
2. Red Cherry (Tomato)
3. Beef Steak (Tomato)
We have more to start but it can wait.
Considering this morning we had 2 inches of fresh snow

Both of us are please how the power washer did on the garage/shop but both of us got wet and cold mainly Murphy he got the wettest.
Now he is doing a light brush over and now we need to go and get some primer. I believe Murphy want to paint it red as the barn/shed is.
It real doesn’t matter to me


  1. 2 inches of snow! Yuk!! You will have to wait to plant your garden. But, it will be worth the wait!
    Hugs and thanks for the coffee - it was good! LOL!

  2. I would love to see the plants sprouting in the coming months. :)
    Looking forward to harvests.

  3. WOW! You got more than us. I went to sleep with snow and woke up to it melted so I am pretending it was a bad dream. I am working on seed too. When do you normally put your garden in ?

  4. I guess that's why I love living in the south...no snow. But when you garden a lot [as I read you do!]....snow is so filled with nutrients, it's a good thing!!

  5. I am also growing a stupice this year, though I ordered a transplant (which I am going to save the seeds from.)

    I am ready for this snow to be over with, we had an inch yesterday but it is gone now. I have started two snap beans inside because I am SO TIRED of winter.


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