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Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Oomph

The new moon is here and I real don’t know much. I feel at stand still in my life. I want to do something but I’m not sure which step I need or want to do.
I got my lid cover done and I have other bisques I could do but I’m not sure which ones. I could clean some greenware and get ready to put in kiln.
Then I have recycle thing of clay that needs a mixer to it but just can’t get to it.
Other the ceramics I have other projects and goals in mine but I to feel at lost.
I have no oomph and I feel rummy but I know I should be doing something.
I just don’t want to get in rut. I was moving slowly once again on ceramics and other goals

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  1. step back and relax. you'll think better that way. at least that's what i do... most of the time. =D


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