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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Heads or Tail (Getting There)

As every tuesday Skittles host heads or tails and this week subject matter is Getting there the next topic is “Spring Time Memory”

As most people we sit goals to improve our life but it usual hard work changing one life so we can get there.
Actual I been working on two goals.
One is to do a Christmas box. My Christmas box is a little different. My parents taught me how to be thankful and about giving to others.
Plus many other fine things in life.
So I been filling up a Christmas box full of goodies and on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day I will take my box over to my Sister in law Faith place and I assume for will host the party.
Some grown up will hide a Christmas Ornament and all the younger children will look for the ornament and the one who finds it will have the opportunity to give out the things in the box.
So each month I get 6 things that I put in the box and every thing is under $2.50.

So in the month of February I bought.

A necklace, wallet, level, plug in thing to convert a one way to a two way, and a large putty knife.
Latter on I’ll do one for the younger ones.

Weight lost is something I been trying to do and seem to have trouble or I should say changing my awful health habits.
I join TOPS and I have my good days, bad days, and my so so days. I real have to say I know it changing one health style but getting there can be challenge.
So I came up with a reward plan but not rewarding my self with food.
I thought for each pound and half I loose I would go buy my self a piece of clothing from a thrift store.
I real don’t have any nice clothes to go any place. My job is nothing I have to make a fashion statement but when I go pace other then work I could take a little time for my identity.
I’m still in the 190-pound range and once I get in the 180-pound range I want to get my ears re pierced.
So I though for every 10 pounds I lost would spent a little more on my self but I’m not sure what I’ll do for the 180 range.

So full filling one goals can be challenge but once we got there the reward can be well worth it

One day a month on the 25th I do what I call in the know which I ask an open end question.
For the month of March the question is “What is right and wrong with your job” I hope some of you will have time to play


  1. I came for that cup of coffee. :)

    I think the Christmas box is such a nice thing and something anyone could do to brighten up the holidays for those less fortunate.

    Ahh.. the struggle with weight. I know how hard that is!

    I was reflecting back not too long ago on how it used to be for me. Before I married my hubby. He has brought many changes for the good to me, but one was the ability (financially) to have nicer clothes.

    When I was married to my ex I had one "decent" outfit. When I had to go somewhere I would put it on. I would change out of it when I got back home.

    You can find some nice things at good prices at thrift stores. It's hard for me to find stuff in my size, though.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. The Christmas box sounds like a really neat idea. I too am working on my weight, it seems to be a constant struggle with so many people.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  3. The Christmas box sounds like a nice idea! And your series of rewards for reaching goals is a wonderful idea.

  4. I LOVE the idea of the Christmas box! That is so neat.

    I also think your idea of rewarding yourself for accomplishments is great.

  5. I like your ideas! I think I might use an idea similar to the Christmas box this year...instead of buying all my gifts for people at Christmas time and spending too much money-I'll buy little things throughout the year and make up gift baskets or something. :)

  6. Like that christmas box idea! Losing weight is hard - especially as we age. I find I am not motivated in winter to exercise much. And I eat more too.
    But in summer it's the opposite. I guess I'll live somewhere where it's summer all year round. I wish!

  7. Getting back to *ideeal* weight can be so challanging! I like your reward :)

    One fun idea: a group of galfriends in a city ~ 2 hours from me have a 'Naked Lady Party' twice a year.

    You bring anything you no longer want (clothes, shoes, even some undies & jewels :) & the 'hostess' had hanging racks, & different areas for different sizes.
    When you arrived, she pointed out the 'safe' areas to undress & leave your shoes & purse - as anything in the 'give away' area was up for grabs!!

    Gals strip down to their undies, & try on whatever they want.
    Several gals were in process of loosing weight, so it was a nice way to 'shop' for intermediate sizes, some very lovely 'designer' stuff that other gals, also loosing weight, were passing on!!

    I went with a friend's daughter, & it was so much fun - I'd been to a couple of these locally, & they are always fun!

    There were also 'treats' (potluck style) & at the end, we bagged up anything that hadn't been 'chosen' & each car took at least a box to one of the charity thrift shops - so NOTHING is left for the hostess to dispose of!! She stored the hanging racks in her garage, & we helped take those down, too.

  8. The Christmas Box is a great idea. Maybe it would stop some of the 'can we open presents now - can we open presents now' litany the grand kids chant on Xmas eve :)

    Right - I'm my own boss
    Wrong - I'm my own boss


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