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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Those Old Cotton Wood Trees

Murphy went to have his blood pressure checked and it was on the high side. As a typical male he wouldn’t heed to my words on blood pressure.
I told him to eat healthier like cutting down on salt. So the nurse told him the same thing plus a few other pointers that I have even said.
Why are men this way?
Confession time…I feel like saying “I told you so”

So Murphy and I went out to game reserve to find a place to take a walk. We want to walk on place with no snow or ice.
So we found a place on a dike off of Mallard Rd.

On our little jaunt they seem to be mainly cotton wood trees with a few pines mainly yellow pines.
I real like the dogwoods in back ground the main color you see is brown, white, and green from the pine needles.
But dogwood stems seem to add a little color this time of year when one is waiting for more sign of spring to come.

From our walk we could see the Kootenai Indian burial hill. I’m not sure when the last time they actual use it.
But I would guess well over 100 years or more.

As we got back to main road (riverside) Murphy want to look around in a field for few minutes.

I guess I like the dogwood branches in back ground. Away in back ground is bridge that goes over Deep Creek as it going into the Kootenai river.

In this area there a lot of cotton wood trees. One time I went into a home décor store on 5th Ave in Sandpoint and they had furniture made out of cottonwood and it had so many different color swirling though out the piece.
I believe it was one of the most unique and beautiful pieces I ever seen.
A large majority of people cusses and called it a weed tree. But as it get old and it grows it makes all sort of neat twist and turns.

Announcement…Wednesday the 25th of February I’ll be doing “In the know”
This week theme/topic is “What are some of your pipe dreams” I’ll be posting mine Wednesday the 25th of February


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