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Monday, February 02, 2009

Imbolc Day

Mid winter is here!!! Some may call it ground hog day and known as Imbolc.
Well around here it sure still pretty much look like winter and when I got up this morning there was an 1 inch of fluffy white stuff called “snow” but in today weather real wasn’t all that bad.
I went to work to and it was a long day and it always seems longer on Monday to me.

Part of my job is to take Donna dog Rex for a walk and we went down to Ball Park and walked down the road.
I liked to walk a little bit more down the dirt road toward the river and around the ponds but with the snow still on the ground it hindered me from any great exploration.

I was hoping when I got home I wasn’t sure what I want for Imbolc dinner but I knew I real want something light for dinner.
Murphy got out some beefsteak and he pound it some. I could make some “Chicken fried steak” with mash potatoes and mix veggies.
It was ok but I was hungry for something lighter but yet I didn’t know what. I got home shortly before 5 this evening.

Announcement time…I have a new kitty and her name is “Rosy” I’ll try it get a picture of her posted this week


  1. hi peppy. wondering if you got the calendar already?

  2. monday is alway the longest day here too, and a thursday..

    you're photo tagged!


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