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Friday, February 27, 2009

12 Secrets (Stabotage) Partnership and Alliances

I have to say I’ve put a little more time into my crafts. Well it Friday and it mean I need to do Secret 8 it part of a book group I been involved in.
We are now “Selecting Empowering Partnerships & Alliances”

I had to go back and read this chapter again. At first I wasn’t sure what they where taking us.
Recently I been coming up with place I could market my pieces. With the economy way it is one need to be careful.
We have two different art co-op in our little area.
We have quite a few craft shows around the holiday season.
A farmer market starting the end of April and it goes to sometime in September. The market happens every Saturday.
Plus there all sort of events that one may sell there wares at.

I find out most people want to help and today I found there a group of ladies who met on Thursday morning and create together.
Well at first I thought this might be impossible to do because of my work schedule but during the summer Donna might want to take me to different yard and rummage sales and it usual best to hit them early on a Friday.
But I’ll play it buy ear for now

Confession time…I seen a lot of problem arise with business partnershipso I’m not all that interested in a business partnership but with the right people I would be interested in a creative partnership.

Actual I been finding all sort of kind heart people who willing to help. Plus there are time I get some inspiration and moment from and out side force.
Last week in secret # 7 I had some kind words from Lissa which was “The economy is the way it is which makes things so difficult. However it hasn't stopped you from creating, which is great!”
She very right I maybe complain about the economy I’m not marketing but yet I’m creating.
Thank you Lissa for the wake up call


  1. Slowly but surely your steps are leading you to your dreams. I can see that :)

  2. I hope the flea market works well for you. I did a great one in Wentzville Mo. It started out getting rid of things and lead to me buying and reselling them. I made more in one day than I could all week working. Nut In this area people do not but like they did there. Kids are not allowed to rule here. And I can no longer buy cheap enough to resale because of shipping. But crafts sell better in a tourist area. I never had luck with crafts. Any way I will be gone till march 19 +/-. I may be able to blog a bit if we get Internet in our room or at some ones home. But I will not have allot of free time. Enough about me. Sorry. Good luck on your adventures Big hug.

  3. Hugs to you Peppylady! We will not let this economy sink our creative ship!

    The farmers market sounds great and I do love those yard sales. You will find what you are looking for and sell your wares where you are meant to!

  4. It sounds like you've got lots of potential partnerships - they don't have to be big deal business ones to work for you!


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