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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Risking Taking

This week topic over at 12 Secrets is risk taking
But before that I would like to apologies for being late “I had a real bad headache”

Risk from Greek is “to sail around a cliff”
It seem lately I been hearing all about risk taking sermons Confession time…I think to myself “Right I’m going out and do_______something just something risky don’t these people live in the real world”

My father in law Dewayne never plan and anything did a lot of things on spur of the moment. “Thank god/dess it was never anything major”
My hubby would say at times he would just get a wild hair like go fishing and take off and forget something like part of the tackle

As most of my regular reader you know I want to open a ceramic shop and I was going to quite my job right after Bart graduated from high school in June of this year.
Due to the economic strain on the world markets.
Plus I don’t know how stable Murphy Job is and actual mine is more stable.

I often these people who take risk don’t have everyday living expense such as bills.
We don’t have a lot of bills but we do have bills and they need to be paid.
I feel at this time crafts or any art will have to be as a hobby or something as second type of income.
After I feel the economy is more stable I can take a large step in risk taking.
Actual my baby steps is seeing some light toward my creativity


  1. I hear you Peppy Lady, amen,

    But I can't say I agree that moving toward the light of your creativity is a baby step my dear. That's huge, and worth so much more than a foolish gamble would be.

  2. Your dream does not have to be compromised my friend, Have ever considered participating in craft shows? You can build up a client base that way, and slowly find that you do not need to work anymore to keep up with the bills. :)

  3. just hold onto that dream and it will happen.

    I agree with Genie - try a craft show or similar.. that will be the first step towards your dream!

  4. Well at least you are not one of those people that are having to file for bancruptcy... and you are being smart.

    But you don't have to put your hobby aside!

    Have a good weekend
    Love, Jess

  5. Hi Peppy Lady! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and the sweet birthday wishes! That was so nice of you :)


  6. Baby steps make progress. Sometimes it's taking that first step, whether it's a big one or a baby one that gets us where we want to go.

  7. It's true, these are troubled and difficult times financially. I hope you manage to open up your store sometime soon. Bills do have to get paid.


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