Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weather Report (July) + Fitness Report

The hottest day for July was on the 20th it was 99.3 f or 37.3 c
The coldest day for July was on the 10th it was 35.2 f or 1.7c
Average high for the month of July 89.2 f or 31.7c
Average low for the month of July 47.1 f or 8.3 c
Well we had a few drops a rain and I mean a very few…dry dry and dry as bone here in month of July.
This year it is 5 degree colder this July then last on the average.
Plus we got quarter inch of rain in 07

Well I did the entire month of July of keeping track of what I ate and my activity level thought Fit day
Well for a short while I’m going to see real where my weakness and strength is.
Now here a copy of my end of the month entry.
The month is pretty well over and for this month the reason for fitday is to learn my weakness and strengths when it comes to life style doing with health in general.
Well actual I eat fairly well in general.
In the fat-soluble vitamins my best is Vitamin A and my weakest is Vitamin D.
Then in my water-soluble I did just fine but my best was vitamin C and my weakness would be folate.

Now for the mineral and still did ok in this area too.
For the trace minerals my best was selenium. The area I was the weakest is Zinc.
My major mineral I came out actual pretty good I was strong in the area of magnesium and weak in calcium.

I have to confess I wasn’t to worry at my calorie intake. But for the month I average 2048 calories.
Which breaks down to 90 grams of fat or 806 calories from fat, 40% of my diet is fat.
I keep hearing fiber is important to diet and most American don’t eat enough fiber but I don’t know how much on should consume but my monthly average is 27 grams.

I’m doing the push up challenge and I’ll be on 6th week and last. Next week I’ll be testing again to see were I am at.
I know I’ll be add to my push ups such things as sit up, leg lifts and etc. The only thing I know I’ll be adding 7 more but the reps I’ll know after the self test.

I have a little problem with RDA which fitday is base on and it started right after world war II and we learn a lot about nutrients.
Plus I heard we got the information from the nazi concentration camp and those people in those camps were (not) well nourish

On my side bar I have a link to my fitday journal.

I got to spend both days of weekend in mountains

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  1. wow, you certainly had some big differences in weather during July.

    yes, fibre is important in the diet. apples are really good for that as is most fruit. I think 4 pieces of fruit a day is good. and lots of water!


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