Thursday, August 07, 2008

Life Isn't Always Like I Think It Should Be

I don’t like this feeling I have and I’m not sure what words to put it my feeling.
I do home care and basically do is clean homes.
Her home is all nice and tidy but I have a terrible time doing mine.
Type of cleaning I do in my home is survival which could mean run the vacuum, do some laundry, dishes, take out the garbage but it doesn’t mean that I get the corners done or anything like that or any detail cleaning done.
Or any special little projects like adding pictures, shelves, or yard work.
I just don’t have it in me.
I look at project and think to my self… I’ll do this and do it again and how much more can I take.
Sorry everyone about my whining and frustration I feel about my life.

Plus last night I was up every hour to go pee. I was stiff this morning and walk like an old lady.

This evening I’m having one of my panic attack and I feel like the entire world is closing down on me.
Oh how I wish it would just go away.

I complete my 6 week push up challenge and the largest amount of push-ups I did during the 6 week was 42


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  1. I'm hoping you are feeling a bit stronger today. I know how you feel working in Hell everyday. This has ben the longest time it has taken me to find a job.

    But I just optimistic enough to think that tomorrow will be better and this job will not be the last.

    Hang in there Sister - It WILL get better.


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