Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Heads or Tail (Manner)

For some reason I keep forgetting to do skittles Heads or Tails
for some reason I’ve been having a brain farts and keeping meme days straight now.
Well this week topic is Manners and next week will be “supply”

One thing my parents excepted out of me was good manners all the way around. Let see is I can recall a few of them.
1. Don’t track dirt in house. Shoes came off in the mudroom.
2. When your guest at someone home always ask if they’re any way I could help.
3. No rude sound and if one slip always say “excuses me”
4. Always use please, thank you, and your welcome.
5. No elbows on table
6. Ask to be politely to be excuses from the table
7. Sit up straight
8. When you leave the table you grab your personal dishes and take them over to the sink
9. Always put things back after you get done.
10. Address people popular or how they want to be addressed.
I would show bad manners out in public or I would get in major doodoo.
Well most of my friend basically had some regulations in home about manners. Well my friend Susan when we were teenagers we spent a lot of time together and I ate every so often at her home.
But one day of the month they let manners slide.
Belching was a loud; tossing food about, rude comments was a loud.
I thought this was neat and I tried to get my parents to lets have a non-manner day once a month and they wouldn’t go for it.
Well the rest of the time Susan family manners was as strict as mine

When I took Rex for a walk I heard birds singing


  1. All of those are important manners! I especially like the one about asking if you can help when you are a guest at someone's house. Have a great week!

  2. A no-manners day? LOL. I think it's no-manners day every day of the week at my neighbour's house.

    Happy HoT - mine is here.

  3. non manner day once a month sounds so much fun :)

  4. The no manners thing sounds like fun. Did you do that with Bart when he was younger?

  5. I so remember my mom teaching us kids all these manners...the one I remember the most was "don't play with your food" because, believe it or not, I hated peas and I would roll them around in my plate and then hide them under my plate when no one was looking. Unfortunately, I always forgot that mom would see them all squished up once she took the plate off the table! lol xoxo

  6. After a month of strict rules, that no manners day sounds like fun...but who had to clean up the mess? Probably mum...hehehe.

    I have A chart of good manners up at my place.


  7. those are great rules....and manners....I should have played this week seeing as one of my recent posts I talked about manners or the lack there of....seems like you and I had parents with similar train of thought....


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