Saturday, August 23, 2008

Doing Good It Doesn't Matter How Small

Well I had plans Friday to get place done it wasn’t all that bad but I want to go and get my time card but I didn’t get it Thursday.
I was beat and I would come in Friday and get it.
Well I end staying longer then I plan at Donna. Thought time…It would be easier for me to quite this job. I actual like her and the homecare company isn’t all that bad.
But I don’t care for this type of work

I get up so early in the morning and I did a few more items around the place but I was beat once again

So today I’m doing some of the items I plan to do on Friday I have a list, which I call my “weekly cleaning” So for the first round I sat the timer for 31 minutes. Did up the dishes. Then did 3 items off of my list that was clean the stove and oven, and then also I cleaned the kitchen floor, and vacuumed which include moving furniture around.
Then I went to bank deposited my paycheck.
Went into the groceries store and got few items.

I try to Tithe a part of my paycheck to some worthy cause that help others.
This time when I was in the store they had a school supplies table, which, had per made up bags for $5.00 each so I got 3 bags and donated them.
I don’t give to tithe to church not saying I don’t put money in the offering.
Honest time… I’ve seen some church not help out the needy and our judgmental
I think we’re on this earth to do god/dess work by helping out.

Last night for dinner I made up some miso soup well I did my own thing and it came out real well.
I like to try some more recipes using miso paste
I been walking Rex three days a week and today I put in extra short walk down the first hill on the pleasant valley loop.
I’m still doing fitday and the link is on my side bar.
Closer to end of the month I will post one of the graphs on my blog. I’m thinking about doing it on fats.

The other day I got our first Christmas Catalog and of course there a lot of things I want but what I want and can get is two different things.
But I know I’ll be getting a few items out of them

I went to one yard sale real nothing at that one then I went to an estate sale which my friend Alice cleans for.
Anything I was interested in she was taking it with her when she moved.

I been get my life into some type of ritual not saying I don’t have those days but I’ve been please on how my ritual been working out

Yes it almost the 25th of the month I do my thing call In the know I would like every one that’s who wants to post on things you have or haven’t accomplished in your life.
I’ll have mine up Monday Morning some time after 1 in the morning pacific time and please link back to that day post and leave a comment on my blog that day

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