Monday, August 11, 2008

Does This Have to Be Given a Name.

Well my attitude toward my life is a little better then it was been. Confession time…I want things to happen in the order that I think is right I’ve blog about how I real don’t care for my job but I real think Donna is fantastic.
That I rather be doing something more creative.
I know creative and organization real don’t go together but I been slowly organizing my papers and making a minnie office in basement.
At first I was determine to put it up in the smaller room but the fact is: That room will need some items bought and this time we can’t afford them and we need to purchase other items.
So I found stuck under the stair well two file cabinets that is working just great for a home office

I started to copy of my blog and put it in binder but I’m not sure what to even call it.
Some where among every 25 pages I created a special pages which it done in a scrapbook style.
But in general I’m not sure I’m not sure what to classify this book I’m doing.
Book of shadow. Or even a type of soul Journal but not every pages is real from my soul it comes from different parts of me.
I have to say I want it to be honest and I know I have no control over how one will take my blog writing.
Or could it be classily as a Diary or little bit of all three even possible of something that I don’t see

This morning I start my second round of six week push up challenge. I add a few more exercises to go along with them

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  1. How about "Tome of Wisdom"... since it will be filled with bits of wisdom and discovery that you put in your blog!



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