Friday, July 18, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (Friendly Clouds)

It Friday and I’m up for little sky watching. Wiggers is our host for this meme but take note it move to Skyley
Still all are great shots of our sky from many different place in world

As many know I do home care and one my chores for my job is to take Donnas’ dog Rex for a walk and one of the places we go is down to ball park area.
Lot of interesting plants and birds but the day I took the camera I saw no birds and I couldn’t spend hours down there waiting for some bird that may pop into view.
On our walk we were walking south toward the Kootenai river and I notice toward the South East there sat in sky some smaller clouds that looks so “friendly”


  1. It is a beautiful sky!! Nice and bright and cheerful! Just the way I like them!!
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  2. Your sky is much brighter and bluer and welcoming than mine this morning -- and I am in Hawaii! It's been raining. Our sky looks washed out and the clouds have a bit f a grayish yellow tint to them -- like some bleach is definitely needed!

  3. Stunning picture.. nice and simple but so perfect..

    Thank you for joining in with Sky Watch, I hope you get many visits here and have the time to comment on others... once again on behalf of all at Sky Watch thank you

  4. We dont see enough of this more usual simple sky on SWF. This is like tiny wisps of cotton wool pasted onto the sky. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I wish every day the sky was like that. Great blue sky.

  6. Perfect catch for SWF! Mine's up too hope you can drop by. Happy weekend!

  7. I would prefer to go to each one of you and leave a personal comment, but unfortunately or perhaps not, each week there are more of us participating. People of every corner of the world joined in a unique will – to see and share sky watch.
    So, this week in order to leave a comment in the most blogs, I had to write a single message to all of you.
    One thing I must say: I did really see your skies and enjoyed them all.
    See you next week! :-)

  8. Hi! It's seems like the summer sky around here. Maybe we have something common even on the other part of the planet.

  9. That's a beautiful shot, to be sure.

  10. I like your description freindly clouds and yes they do look non threatening.

  11. I agree, they look so friendly.

    The Team thanks you for posting at SW and helping to make this new venture a success.


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