Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little Here and There.

Lot time on the weekend I go out yard selling. I find great bargain. Plus most of my home is done in early yard sale.

I bought this hat and anther one but not sure where. As you can see I hung it next to my cherub picture which cost me $3.00
I got the hat for .50¢. Plus I picked a one done in purples but not sure were I need to put it.
Sorry, I took several picture of my cherub picture and for some unknown reason I couldn’t get anything worth wild.

I bought this cow picture a yard sale in the Fall Creek area. I think I only paid a $1.00 for it.

Hung it below my calendar.

I been looking for some larger pieces to add to my home. A buffet or china buffet combo, which would go in the dinning area.
Then for living room I would like a narrow taller hutch for my dishes

Murphy and I pulled out a tree and extended the garden spot. For some reason he thinks the economy is going to hell in hen basket.
Opinion time…I don’t think the economy is all that stable he worried about Israel and Iran real starting something up.
I think there evenly as guilty as the other. Some say the Muslins or the Arabs main goal is to kill the Jewish people.
Then the Jewish faith also goes around killing too. Plus sometime I think there the first one to throw rocks.
The only thing that our current President Dubya ought to be put on trial for war crimes


  1. Peppylady,

    The world is not in a good state. Of course there's been wars from the beginning of time. Very sad.

    I saw the photos of your sky watch and they are beautiful.

    Take care and have a great Sunday.

  2. PS. Loved your garage sale finds. I haven't found much this year, but still like to go.

  3. I agree with your comment about Bush. We can only hope though...

    Great finds at the yard sale!


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