Tuesday, July 01, 2008

heads or Tail (Summer Memory)

Every week or almost every week I play Heads or Tail and this the theme is Summertime memory

Before Murphy and I got hitch we use to drive and hike in the mountains of North Idaho.
Well Sunday he and I decided to be young once again and take a drive in the Selkirk’s up over cooks pass.
We tried to get Bart to go but he didn’t want to go.

Kootenai valley was taken from cut off point between Burton and Myrtle Creek the water you see below is our local game reserve.
The yellow in far back is what they make canola oil out

This here what the local people calls bear grass. But I learn blogging that other area of the world would call this something else.
I did a search on wikipedia on Bear Grass and Garlic grass this didn’t come from wikipedia.
Question time…What plant would you call our local bear grass?

Myrtle Creek is a place that Murphy and I sat a avoid the heat it got up to 100 in the valley.
The City of Bonners Ferry gets their water from Myrtle Creek. We sure have good water here

We went up over cooks pass and we thought they would be some snow up there.
None to be found

Cooks lake is anther stop.
So we spend a little time there and there was some snow on the trail which I would guess about quarter mile hike and I kept eating snow

I went over to Cook Creek and there was this log and I sat on log and enjoyed the beauty of creek and did some mediating

Side creek falls (slide creek in slide show) I thought this view is spectacular. I learn about a new feature on my camera about taking close ups.
We were on the road taking picture of slide creek falls going over the mountain.

Unknown creek


  1. Idaho is one state me and hubby haven't visited yet. Who knows though.. If we decide to take off on his upcoming vacation, we may end up there. :)

  2. sounds like fun.. we are doing a road trip to this weekend.. but with a 4 yr old in tow, it will have to be short..

    Summers of my past

  3. What lovely photos in your slide show. With my new computer I could really enjoy it so thanks for sharing them and you memory too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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