Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beer Can Mystery

It start out on slow pace day. Murphy needs to get up at 3:00 in the morning so he can get out the fields before the sun starts to beat down on the earth.
So I get up and get the coffee going and head back to bed.
Bart then gets up at 4:00 and so he can be to work at 5:00.
But right before Bart leaves I want him to wake me up so I can get a few things done before.
But for some reason I can’t get up, I don’t know if it getting up at 3:00 AM for about a minute to get the coffee on is doing something to my sleep.
Then a little about quarter after five I got up and start to wonder how I was going to get ready for work and dishes done and two other chores.
Well I got the dishes done, living room vacuumed and the dinning/kitchen swept.

Well I forgot my asthma inhaler and I work long as I could but around 11 or after I start to have trouble and decided to go home and get it.
So Daisy was outside ready to greet me and have me throw the ball for me.
But I just ran in real quick and grab my inhaler.
Ziggy the cat went out and Daisy stayed in.
Nothing seem to be out of place

Our Toyota that Murphy drives been having some trouble with the fuel injector and he drop off the pick up and I went up and got him
There was a good sale on chicken .79¢ a pound at Safeway and I thought I would grab a few but they were out and got a rain check.
Pick up few items and went home

I start to pack in things and put the milk in fridge and notice and open can Budweiser beer in fridge and I start to go though possible people who drank Bud and couldn’t come up with anyone.
So I told Murphy about it and I found a strange note and didn’t recognize the hand writing and doodling. I knew it wasn’t any one my boys.

I called Bart to see if he new what was going on and of course he didn’t pick up his cell phone.
I wasn’t sure if he was at work or not.
In a short time he called me back and told me he gave one of the Clifty View worker a ride home and they left part of a can of beer in our fridge, strange huh

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  1. I think it would be beneficial to prepare the coffee the night before-that way Murphy just has to turn it on. Or you could invest in one of those coffee pots that you can set to start at a certain time automatically. Having your sleep broken up like that isn't really good.


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