Monday, May 19, 2008

Question Answered

Friday the 16th I open my blog to ask any question and I said Monday the 19th I would answer them.
So I got two question.

The first question was from Saoirse and her question was this
I need first time gardening tips. Do you have any you can share?
Don’t over whelm your self and I would start on the small side. Maybe try growing a few vegetables in a small plot. I’m a big fan of box or square foot gardening.
Getting the boxes ready takes a lot of work but once there in your work time will be a lot less.
I like to grow a few things in containers or pots. Two of my container project is an old walk behind fertilizer spreader that my parents had and we are planting flowers in and I’m putting tomatoes in a cedar boxes that someone was cleaning out a shed and they gave them to me.
One book I recommend is Square Foot Gardening By Mel Bartholomew.
Spokane extension as some may think there just for 4-h but they are here to serve the community.
And I know the one up here offers a master garden classes and sometime a day class on a certain subject.
And if you have any question they should be able to answer it or direct you to someone who can.
Sorry I could fine the Spokane Extension own web site

My next question came from nio of Hollowing Hill and her question was
How did you and Murphy meet? How long did you date before you married?
It was the summer when I was 19 in 1979 and I came up to a family reunion and my mom was planning to move back up to North Idaho.
At that time I wasn’t about to move to some town that was living a 100 years in pass.
But I came up to the reunion and some of my cousin want to know if I want to smoke some pot and then I did quite a few different drugs and yes I did.
So we took off and I went up to my cousin house and their this guy (Murphy) living with my cousin.
We were introduce I thought nothing of it.
But he liked my ass and my ambitions.
So I went back to Spokane and shortly after he moved out of my cousin place because she was having minor party there.
Then a few years later I got burn out and moved back to my mom place and in little later on I believe in few years I was visiting my cousin who he once lived with.
He came over and was going to take her out for dinner and he ask if I want to come along and I tried to nicely excuse my self but she said you might as well come.
So he took us out to Chinese food and my cousin doesn’t like to rock the boat and asked him to pick something for her.
And I told him “I got my own money and I don’t need to damm man picking for me” well we ate and he drops off my cousin.
And we went out and we went back to his place and we went and had sex.
“Don’t I sound like a slut”
Live together for 5 years and we forgot birth control and I became pregnant. We got married July 2 of 1988.
So this July we will be married 20 years but we lived 5 years together so that makes 25 years.
No it wasn’t been always a piece of cake

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  1. I love hearing stories of how people met their spouses. Your story is very compelling because of the level of honesty you tell it in. You don't gloss it over at all.


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