Friday, May 09, 2008

No, I'm Not a Devil Worshiper

Announcement time…If your looking for my fill in Friday or my Friday feast it list right below this. I just had to get this off my chest

I personal try to look people as individual and we all have a our wonderful and not so wonderful traits.
So my client Donna who take care on my job real bothered me something she said. “It ok to be prejudice against personal likes and dislikes.
That didn’t bother me because at times something just rubs me the wrong way.

I never came out and said in no direct term what my faith may be and she to conclusion that I’m a christen and she built this on her own.
Well she thinks and states in so few words that other faith such as Judaism, Buddhism, Mormonism, paganism, Rastafri, and etc non Christianity and are influence by the devil and these people who uses one of this faith are playing with devil worship or witch craft.
Statement time…I finding out how narrow minded Christian and Islamic are toward mainly other faiths
I know if she found out that I’m not her ideal of a Christian I would be fired. And here the thing one person our local chief police and his wife our Christian and I know little deep dark secrets about them which I don’t believe any faith would look kindly on to.

I don’t look at any certain faith is always the right answer but if one choose a certain faith I don’t fault them actual I’m happy for them.

I like my personal relationship with god/dess and which I feel comfortable with.
Confession time…I read different books or I should say hit and miss tad bits of different believes. I’m far from an expert on any one faith.

1. The vanwit had an extra secret ingredient; it was an herb mixture that when any one took it they could sing beautiful!
2. it looks like its going to be a beautiful day through my window.
3. Right now, I need to get rid of this nasty itchy throat and dry cough .
4. home is where I went Thursday night; it relaxing
5. Why does Panic attack hurt so much?
6. All I can think of is the in about one year I can quite my job because Bart will be out of high school
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing Sawyer, tomorrow my plans include trying to find Morel Mushroom with Hubby and finishing up the sunflower bed and Sunday, I want to have a barbeque !

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When someone smiles at you, do you smile back?

Yes. And I try to have a smile on my face. I don’t want to come across as an ole sour puss


Describe the flooring in your home. Do you have carpet, hardwood, vinyl, a mix?

A mixture and we even still have shag carpet


Write a sentence with only 5 words, but all of the words have to start with the first letter of your first name.

Did Donnie drive down Dunlap?

Main Course

Do you know anyone whose life has been touched by adoption?

One of my cousin adopted two girls and now him and his wife adopted one of their grandchild


Name 2 blue things

the sky and my bathrobe

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  1. Thanks for dropping by... yeah, I had trouble with no 6., oh well, - I linked a picture to each of my responses.

  2. Great Feast and Friday Fill-ins! Thanks for visiting!

  3. What's a vanwit? Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend!

  4. You know what they say, "If you keep something long enough it will be back in style". Shag carpet is now back.

    Have a great weekend.


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