Sunday, May 18, 2008

It Royal Day

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Things don’t always go as I plan. I didn’t want a big garden but I want or I thought we need more.
Every time I go in the store it seem like every time I turn around that food is higher and higher.
But I have done more this year then last

Every year we plant a hanging Geranium always I plant a deep dark red one.

Red geraniums in a pot, near a witch's cottage, warn of approaching visitors by their movements. The flowers become magically charged, pointing in the direction of the approaching strangers. (Let's face it, anyone who's out and about and approaching a witch's cottage has got to up to no good. Witch's cottages are not your typical Sunday stroll destination; a witch needs to be warned.)

I don’t know if this real makes two hoots or not. I always hang a geranium by my front door. Also I heard that geranium keeps out evil spirit so does that mean I need to get 3 more and put them by my other doors.
To read more on folklore of the geranium

I don’t know what it is but every year I end up dropping the pot which the geranium goes in.

The Black Cherry tree I believe is one of my hubby favorite trees and the bees sure been busy by it

More things are coming to bloom in my royal sunshine flower bed Question time..I wish I knew how to get all of a certain flowers to bloom at the same time? My yellow tulips are farther then my purple ones.

Here is a close up of some flowers that is in my Royal Sunshine Bed

Nothing yet except green in my hodgepodge flowerbed but I would guess my lilly of the valley will be my next one blooming out

It been a nice and sun shining day so I planted some Sunflower under Bart window, planted a reddish color violet out in my patriotic flower bed Honest time…That is sure a hard bed to take care of
I got out two cedar planters, which are 13 inches long by a little over 7 inches across.
They are 8 inches in deep.
We are thinking of putting tomatoes in them.
I was hoping to have more ready for gardening then I did but I’m actual more prepare then last but I found this site about bucket gardening and if we look around I bet we can find some neat things to plant in

We got Daisy a new ball but she keeps bring up what left of her old ball

You're like milk
in water: I cannot tell
what comes before,
what after,
which is the master,
which is the slave;
what's big,
what's small.

O lord white as jasmine
if an ant should love you
and praise you,
will he not grow
to demon powers?


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  1. I love your yellow tulips and purple ones! Happy Sunday!

    Blessings in Life


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