Saturday, April 26, 2008


This morning as I sat on our side steps facing North ready to do my morning communication with Father Sky and Mother Earth.
I usual ask them to take care or bless someone in need but this morning I just breathe deeply and listen for what they need to say to me.

Confession time..I wonder why Father Sky and Mother Earth would not tell me something completely
I know evil spirits are around us and it our personal responsibility to be no part of them. And what’s in our heart brings on our type of spirits

I’ve heard in not my own voice I heard these two things told upon me…”Earl is coming to Bonners Ferry”
That may be true but why would I be told this and I was never told when this is going to happen.
Plus for Murphy to have any real communication with his brother he needs to admit that he makes mistakes instead of blaming others. For his misfortunate in life.
Then I been trying to become more healthier and bad habits seem harder to get rid of then good ones.
I been told “Peppy you know what to do to be healthy” and do I always do it “NO!!!”

So nothing great was told to me but I listen to different sounds of nature. In the distant of east I heard a rig going or coming.
Then I heard birds a singing.
I heard Daisy kept dropping her ball just right below the steps.
It was peaceful start to any day just breathing and listening to beauty all around us.

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