Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As Bean Soup Is Cooking, I'm Doing

Last two days I haven’t spent all that much time on the computer just an hour a day and now actual everything so far is going smoothly.
Don’t want to say “smoothly” to loud now.
I been doing some smaller on going project I been neglecting.

I’m making mix bean soup in a crock pot or slower cooker.
On the way from home I picked two pigs hocks to enhance the flavor.
Then I put some seasoning in it my friend Alice Zesty blend, kelp, mushroom shitake ones, and sea salt.
I have to slice, diced, and shrewd some veggies like onions, carrots, and celery

I finely got the books in box and put back under the stair wells. I pull out a few books that I want to keep handy.
Carrots Loves Tomatoes by Lousie Riotte.
square foot gardening by Mel Bartholomew.
I’m starting to notice there some gardening books I might be interested in.
I also found two other books I’m keeping out for now. First Field guide Rocks and Mineral by the National Audubon Society
Stars a golden guide.
I pulled out a book I didn’t need or want at this time. I was looking for my needlepoint book.
I’ve been thinking of doing some embroidery.
Confession time..I need my head looked at I got enough irons in the fire now

So today I been reading some blogs and over at Kati she found this post called Up for a challenge
which Sharon started it. Now if one Clicks here one would fine more about this challege.

I join some blog ring at 365
I join 3 groups and started on my self called “Anything Goes”. Well I want to visit some of these people blog.
I’m hope between today and tomorrow I’ll get to a few of them

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