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Monday, March 31, 2008

Life Question # 3

LIFE QUESTION #3….Why or does one need to be a christen to follow the teaching of Jesus?

I receive this e-mail and it got me thinking how about you

We Have Risen

There is a new dispensation of cosmic wisdom that is permeating the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. This is being brought forward with the recent alignments of the planets Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and the Galactic Center. These alignments represent higher Truth that is available for each of us. This Truth was demonstrated for us by Master Jesus, when he allowed his body to be crucified, physically died, and then arose and ascended. He arose above the pain and suffering of this world as a loving demonstration that we, too, can do the same. It is time for us to step off of the cross of ego limitation and ascend our consciousness to freedom from suffering and fear.

It is no longer necessary to suffer in order to know God, for God is within each of us. It’s time to shift our focus from the crucifixion to that of the Resurection and Ascension. When Jesus said, “These things and greater ye, too, shall do”, He knew that each and every soul will eventually rise to freedom from suffering through realizing the Divine wisdom that He was teaching.

It is time to let go of the limiting concept of sin. The word “sin” is an archery term that means “to miss the mark”. We miss the mark when we forget to love our life, ourselves and others. Let us love ourselves enough to forgive our past and release all fear of the future.

Love is the key to our Ascension. Ascension is a process of consciously choosing to rise above the normal, limiting way of thinking and being. When we surrender our fears to God, and choose love, we raise the vibrational frequency of our life and increase inner peace which then naturally becomes manifest in the world.

God is Love, Love is God and we are all aspects of this pure-positive energy. When we love ourselves enough to liberate our psyches from the bondage of fearful, negative thoughts, and realize that we are aspects of the One God, we shall know the true meaning of Ascension.

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  1. I think the answer to your question would be yes. In my opinion. :)

    I know you already know this but I'm letting everyone on the Heads Or Tails blogroll know that HoT has a home of its own! You can find it HERE. :)


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