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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Idaho State Legislature

To my elective officals:
Once a year I write to you who represent me regardless if I voted for you are not.
There are 5 area that concern me in State of Idaho.
1. Education
2. Livable wage jobs
3 Health Care
4. Poor
5. Property Tax.
I like to hit briefly on all 5. I’ll try to be brief on each concern and a suggestion on a possible way of making it better.
Everyone should invest into education! Their need to be other funds supporting the school other then property tax. I suggest raising the sale tax to 10%. Take it off food and medicines. I would also say if your purchase school clothes have the first 300 dollars of school clothes you buy be sale tax free. On this increase of 5% sale tax 2 ½ % should go to education.
I personal know home school children are dumb as stump. So why aren’t parents who home school their kids aren’t accountable? I know older child who claims to be home school can’t read, do math, had no knowledge of science or geography. I know a family in our local area couldn’t recognize his coins.
I don’t see how anyone is to live on our federal minamin wage of $5.15. Please don’t tell me it’s not live on. I know quite a few people are the working poor and they work at that wage and barely keep the woof from the door.
I just looked at our local job bank in Bonners Ferry. At this time they are 5 jobs that paid more then 12 an hour. Then they are 15 jobs that paid less then 12 an hour, and 3 jobs that paid 12 an hour or was listed at a penny.
Washington pays more then the federal miniman wages. The people who works for lower wages can draw some government freebies.
Get rid of the right to work.
Heath care. Why does someone have to be rich to buy health insurance or be able to pay for any type of medical care. Two vist to the hospital no over nighter, cost us a little under $1,500. We’re going have to make monthly payments for well over a year.
As I said in Education we should raise the sale tax. Put 2 ½ % to health care and put the rest on a sliding scale for the service. We got the funds and every citizen should have medical coverage regardless of income.
Poor is sometime hard to real take care of. I do home care and my client is disable and gets around 500 a month and lives in a HUD apartment which I think she pays little more then 200 a month for rent, and receive less then 200 in food stamps. I don’t know giving some people more money month is the answer. I would think having some kind of voucher program to help them buy other necessities of life.
Why do people who are disable have to be poor? Lot people who are disable could give certain amount to the community. Not all disable people are retarded or in wheel chair.
Property tax, I’m sure glad that there is a better home owner exemption. As I understand that some people pays a larger or smaller percentage in property tax. At one time I know that the timber companies pay $2.00 an acre on the company land. This was quite a long time ago.
I think property tax should be at the same rate for all. So much a square foot. Equal property tax for all.
I have other issues that I could go on and cover more in the 5 topic I chosen. Dora

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