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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday Wedding

Went to my 1st cousin twice removed Dysis, wedding today. Her new husband name is Tyson. Both children and they’re not ready to be married.
She turned 18 last July and dropped out of high school and is still giggles like a fourteen-year-old. I thought it was strange that she asked her great-aunt and Uncle that she could go to Arizona with them this January.
When they were opening their gifts and every time when she came to something cute she would show it off and giggle. But when some thing that she could use for a home she didn’t giggle as much.
We got them a 12-inch frying pan. Well sooner or later reality will hit home with them I wish them well.

My 1st cousin, the brides’ grandmother made the wedding cake it was white, with poinsettia and gold-beaded garland. To me it was simple with great style and deserves a round of applause There was a side cake and it was a carrot cake and it was fabulous and simple to do.
One box of your favorite spice cake mix
Follow the direction on the box. Except for do not add water instead add 15 or 16-ounce can of crush pineapples and add one cup of grated carrots.

We went and delivery a fruit cake to my friend Alice and Murphy want to see her so called ex husband Marim and to see if he knew where they were any pot at. Well he suggested his son Qwin and so we went over to his place and he wasn’t home.
Then we decide to try and find Fynn and Hypatia place sometime they’ll have some smoke around to sell. We’re not sure exactly they move to. So we came up empty handed.

Back to Alice. I honesty don’t mind seeing and talking with Alice I can relate with Peggy but I have trouble relating to Hypatia. It seems that Alice and has things in common then what Hypatia does I think Alice and I enjoy things such as home maker does and share recipes and home tips. I’ve always called the home maker position domestic engineer It seem like a Hypatia just wants to get stone. Well I decide that I want more to life and smoking weed and drinking. Sure once in a great I’ll take a drink or a couple hits of pot I mean I smoke pot maybe one to four times a year and that’s about it. Drinking I do little more I’ll have an alcoholic drink on the average two and half drinks a month.

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