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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Gifts a Glore

I know I’ll be getting two present for Christmas. One from my family and the other from my in-law side. I gave my husband murphy a list of five things I want or could use.
1. New personal address and phone number book
2. A nice warm bath robe
3. Digital thremonter
4. Can’t recall # four?
5. Can’t recall # five?
Isn’t that terrible I gave my hubby a list of five things I wanted for the Christmas.

At my in-law we will be having dinner with Murphy sister Faith and her husband Heinz. Cocktails at 3:00 in the afternoon. Dinner around five. The main meal is ham, oyster stew and pizza. I know the pizza a little strange for Christmas eve it actual pretty darn good.. I’ll be bringing a carrot cake, pizza, and dinner rolls.

Then after dinner. We do the gift exchange. The children’s 13 and under. Which they are seven of them and we bought for all of them. It averages out to about $8.50 a gift.
Then we have the teenage gift exchange and each teenage brings one white elephant gift and they’ll play some kind of game. The teenage white elephant gift exchange is new this year. It hard to find a gift for teenagers for less than ten bucks So we gave our boys twenty dollars each and let them choose a gift. They’ll be five teenage boys there.
The last thing we do is adult gift exchange everyone brings a gift around twenty dollars. In years’ pass we sat in a circle with the gifts in the middle. Then we took set of dice and tray, we took turns trying to roll doubles (everyone got one change to roll doubles and the dice were given to the next person) and soon as someone rolls doubles you picked a gift and once everyone has a gift, once all the gifts are give out. A timer is set between ten and twenty minutes. The dice are once again passed around and if roll a double at any time you can exchange your gift for anther one. All the gifts are unwrapped before the timer starts. Once the timer goes off the gift you have is yours to keep

Not sure when dessert will be served

The only thing I real don’t want for chistmas present is cash. I think it tacky . I’m tagging anyone who reads this. What do you think is a tacky gift?

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  1. A Christmas ornament is a tacy gift..That is what the adults in my family are doing this year. We drew names and agreed to buy an ornament..How lame..I would rather have the cash..at lest then I could buy pizza lol
    Nice blog...


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