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Friday, December 23, 2005

Festivus and My Grievanes

Today as most days I read scarlett any her blogg on festivus caught my interest. So I went on line and try to some web browsing on the subject and found festivus and I want to know how to
celebrate festivus , since festivus is new to me. So I decide I’m going to list all my grievances

My biggest grievances are Earl and Tadita . Do I feel like I owe them remission of something I did wrong. I personal won’t speck for Murphy. Everyone could admit to some guilt here including Earl, Tadita, and Ulanda.

I’ve been kind of disappointed or even a little pout about how I didn’t get as far as I want to in my ceramic shop I thought Murphy always came up with ways to hinder or even delay me reopening my ceramic shop. Sure if he real didn’t want me to reopen the ceramic shop.he wouldn’t help me build shelves

I’m putting all my grievances in a sack with a calender (to represent time) and burning it up and not letting this is baggage consume on my inter or outer self.

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