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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

People in Glass House Shouldn't Throw Rocks

Snowy winter evening my sister in law decide or was told by her mother Ulanda that she want to look at some wildlife. So they took a trip up North to Robinson Lake. Well make long story short. They got stuck and I guess some how there was miscommunication among all involved. People went out looking for them.
This is when we start to get up set with Earl and Tadita. Murphy went over to his brother Earl house to see if he could help in any way. Ulanda and Tadita were sitting on the couch bad mouthing Earl who was trying to help them all behind his back. Even before this Ulanda and Tadita would sit around and tell each other that Earl was lazy bastard, stupid fool. Murphy said to his sister in law and her mother You shouldn’t bad mouth people who trying to help you outthen what I understand that Ulanda had this angry and glared at Murphy. Also Ulanda was advising Tadita to leave Earl that he was no good and she could do so much better with out him.
Ulanda likes to bad mouth people to other people so she can bring her self-esteem up or she likes stabbing people in the back.
Then a short time later their youngest son Ozzie looked right at Murphy and said “my mom and grandmother hates you.” I wonder if Ulanda and Tadita were sitting on the couch badmouth my husband and Ozzie over heard what they was saying.
I haven’t heard Tadita talk much about others behind their backs. But her mom sure does.
Then one afternoon Earl got real stoned and told his brother that Ulanda knows that we are all swingers and we told her we just know the same people. To me Earl and Tadita just threw us to the wolves. After that they never came over to our house only once when Ulanda was out of Town.
Then Murphy meets his brother at Safeway. Earl said “Thank god that you didn’t say any thing about us to Ulanda. Hell sounds like it ok for them to tell on us
Then a short time after that Murphy took a headless nude picture of Tadita, Earl and I and wrote on the picture “Liars don’t prosper” and fold it up and gave it to Ulanda.

It important to mench that I called up Earl before Murphy gave Ulanda the nude pictures and asked him two questions. 1st question was, did you tell Ulanda that we were swinger? Herb said “no” and I belive him. Now for the 2nd question “Does Ulanda know we’re swing? his voice went up 10 octaves and out of his mouth came, “I don’t recall”

I don't know who or how Ulanda found out that we were swings before the picture was given to Ulanda It kind of strange that they only showed up to our house when Ulanda was on the coast.
I wonder if Earl, Tadita, and or Ulanda bad mouth us so bad that they poisen our well and was afrid that they could'nt come out to our place because Ulanda might find out.
I asked Murphy why he showed Ulanda the picture? He said just to show Ulanda Since Ulanda knew that Murphy and I was swingers why shouldn’t she know about Earl and Tadita. Their doing the same thing we are. People in glass house shouldn’t throw rocks.
Personal I gave Earl and Tadita the benifit of dout until Earl voice went 10 octaves when I ask if Ulanda knew we were swingers. I still don't know who or how she found out. I strongly belive Ulanda knew way before the picture was given to her
It sad it had to come down to this I actual thought Tadita and Earl are likeable.

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