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Thursday, December 08, 2005

fancy table

I was going to blogg about my Christmas shopping experience. It getting late and I want to practice trying to down put a picture with my blogg. This is a picture of my sister law faith dinner table at Thanksgiving. If memory calls me right I think they was 16 or so.

I know a local family here and their others just like them.
I honest don’t know what these people are at. Every Christmas not for religious reason they can’t get together to purchase present for their kids. I understand low income and I’ll be first to say and practice what I preach on this I don’t go in to debt for Christmas
This family can purchase alcohol ,cigarets , and marijuana. Ok I don’t even have issue with any of it, except cigarets. If you can afford to be self indulge you can buy your kids a few present. Their been time, few times we been low on funds. I swallowed my pride and went to a local charity and ask for presents for my kids.
I don’t know if these people don’t just get it, choose not to get it, to lazy, to much pride, selfish or multi of what every.
These people couldn’t get it together to buy their kids School supplies or clothes either.

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