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Saturday, October 22, 2005

little steps towards a goal.

Yesterday Jim came out and visits. Murphy was so glad that we had company. I know I shouldn’t be ashamed of how our house looks. I feel inadequate that my home isn’t good enough.The two word I would use to explain my ideal home country and organized . Most of the time we keep our home picked up and clean. Sometime it gets a little cluttered.
Jim and Murphy smoked a bowl. I didn’t smoke any then. I honestly don’t mine Murphy smoking a little weed. I got a bottle of blackberry brandy a least he doesn’t smoke cigarettes. that’s plain nasty I tried a hit of this herb and I have to admit it was pretty good. I hardly indulge in the friendly herb.

Steve and I went out on the North Bench property to clean out the sheds out there. I was getting frustrate before I even arrived on the property.
I want to buy 3 totes to separate things by ceramics, Bart and Sawyer I went into the dollar store, in Bonners Ferry had one tote left and I wasn’t willing to pay what they wanted it for it. I’ll take a look at wal mart and see what they have.
First we went to the old generator shed and threw an old metal toolbox and some other trash in the back of the pick. Drove up and start to clean out the other shed. I found it was some what frustrating trying to sort out the larger shed I did get some trash token out of the larger shed which was a small gain. We took all of our trash to the dump.
Also today we took the last year firewood out of the old hay barn and separated it in to two piles. One went on the woodpile and the other went into our basement by the wood stove.
Murphy and I talked about how we want to do the shed. We more less deiced to use the old horse barn part into a personal shed part and I suggested that we should put shelves in. If you pile all your stuff in a pile and what every you need in that pile it will be in the far corner and ton of other stuff will be buried on it Murphy thought the shelves is a great ideal. And he suggested that we but some ceramic molds into the old hay barn.

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