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Sunday, August 07, 2005

out my car window

No prating HTML tags. I pretty well want to be in bed by 9PM or shortly after. Well this morning Murphy woke up and quickly became flustered. Some how he and Sawyer had a misunderstanding of words. Night before I told Sawyer “leave me my car”. I don’t know what was said somehow Sawyer thought his dad told him to take the car.
Sawyer threw a tizzy. He went on and on complaining that he won’t get out Dodge. The only thing I though if I had that kind of tizzy, I know I wouldn’t have any type of pleasurable activities. My day would have been over and possibilities up to week if I carried on like that. I sure can’t ground my hubby.
Well I said I drive over to Clifty and switch rigs. Saw a lot of game hen pheasant; a family of wild turkeys, doe and her fawn, and a blue heron fly right in front of me.
Well Murphy and I finely got going down the road we went over to a nude resort in Northern Washington. The drive went well and this time we found the place but we had a map. When we were almost there we saw a big bull moose, I’m sure it was a 5-point.
I had relaxing time. Murphy didn’t gripe I don’t know why he doesn’t grip to everyone else. It gets to be tiring and frustrate that I want to blow up and say “ Quit your dam complaining plus I find your negative attitude depressing” Know wonder my shoulder and back always hurt. I wonder why sometime I let the ole grouch have sex with me. I know his left leg real bothers him and he has terrible cramps.

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