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Saturday, August 06, 2005

growing up

I know how to make regular type tags and bold tags What I find hard is to have my brain keep track of grammar, spelling, typing plus all the tag codes in the right spots. I sure like to try some more on my blogg. For reference I’m usingCreating Web Pages for DummiesI’m think of buying a book likeHTML for Dummies.

I’m going to try a little different font and size. I wonder if people use real name in these bloggs. I sure don’t I get mine from www.babynames.com/ and www.babynamesworld.com but the place and times are real. Anyhow I thought of telling about my blog to my brother in-law Earl. Not telling my user name he would be trying to find the blog all day because it would be driving him nuts.
I wish at time I wouldn’t have such angry and or hurt feeling. “I don’t have any respected for people who lies I consider most of them cowards” Sure I would tell people what they want to hear if I had a gun to my head. Enough about Earl and his family! I can be civil to them.

this morning I had to take Murphy into the hospital, Boundary County Community Hospital he was a tightness in his chess and his shoulder hurt. Mine shoulder hurt most of the time and I’ve learned to live with the pain. Well they did all those fancy test and he wasn’t having any heart problem. I would call it indigestion. He takes on a daily bases Ibuprofen. the doctor wrote a RX forPiroxicamto replace the ibuprofen, sure hope it works.
Murphy always has deep leg cramps and gets all stove up. I’m going to try to talk him having a physical and if I can’t get I’ll get his sister Faith to put in her “two cent” on the matter that her brother goes and see a doctor.

after our bit with the hospital Murphy and I went for a drive up Fall Creektoward Dodge Peakthe road would of went over to the Pack riverand down toSamuels . The only reason we didn’t go the condition of the road. But we got two interesting stumps and two flat pieces of granite to do landscaping with.

We have teenagers and being so busy with life I wish I could find the time and activity we all could do, before they left home. It seem like they don’t want much to do with us from us and I remember wanting to be not under my parents rules. It scary that our teenagers are growing up and they will leave home and probley has family in the future. I sure hope the family doesn’t start till they are pass 24. Two yearSawyerwill probley go toNorth Idaho CollegeI’ve told him how important going to college is and he needs to think about the benefits of college. He think the world isn’t spinning fast enough I hope they don’t think I’m nag. I want both of my boys to be happy in life. I’m not picking their careers.

this is a picture of a pond on our drive up
fall creek

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