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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Went to my Aunt Joyce furnal. It was a nice and short service. The Pastor did a very nice job. My Aunt in her last few years lived in the restorium and used her room for the Luthern to have commion and Jesus was the guest if honor. I though that was a special way of honoring him.
Most people blame Joyce the way her youngest (Child) Son or Brain came out. Brain never had any kind of punishment when he miss behaved. Well my Uncle Mike never had any postive words toward him ethier.
I wonder why they always blame the mother for any promblem that the childern might have? We watch the aviator the story of Howard Hughes. What he had was OSD. He tried to live in a germ free world and the say his mother planted that in his mind.
I wonder how much a parent sets in one mind. My mother never like to shop. I personal don't get what I should out of shopping their no rush. When I go in the store I have anixoity atacks. Peppylady

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